The mortgage and financial side of your real estate relationship is simple and easy with Natali Reality. We guarantee you the most profitable interest and competent process management. Minimum paperwork, saving you time and money.
Czech banks are expanding opportunities for real estate acquisition. However, for a layman, working with financial institutions is a very stressful job. To choose the right strategy, the stakeholder must consider many factors. Among them are the interest rate, the period of its fixation, the maturity of the loan, the fee for closing it. And besides, maintaining a loan account, a guarantee method ... Each of our clients wants the optimal selection of these variables, their own priorities, and risk tolerance.
That is why Natali Reality offers support tailored to your needs. We will provide financing modules that will be the most profitable for you. Our financial intermediaries are highly qualified and monitor the supply market, and therefore we will provide you with a wide range of services:
Collection and preparation of necessary documents
Evaluation procedure support
Preparation of a package for loans secured by real estate
Preparation of purchase and sale documentation in cooperation with a bank
Continuous monitoring of the stages of the lending process - from submitting an application to signing a contract.
Registration and submission of documentation to the real estate cadastre
Drawing up supporting documents on real estate mortgage for timely use of a loan

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