Regardless of whether you offer your property for rent or vice versa looking for a rental, we are ready to be a strong partner at this stage of life. We participate in the search, inspections, collection of documents and accompany an existing contract.

For residential property owners, we offer the following services:
Inspection of the facility and discussion of the rental process.
Market rental study and individual discussion of valuation.
Identification of the target group of potential tenants.
Consultation on the conditions (pledge, advance payments, fees) and rental terms.
Preparation of a professional photo case and description of real estate.
Processing web presentation of real estate.
Inclusion of real estate in Natali Reality offers (printed materials, web mailing, outdoor advertising, Internet resources).
Support for real estate views, including with the services of a translator.
Negotiating a lease.
Preparation of a rental agreement and transfer protocol in Czech, Russian and English
Collection of necessary documents.
Participation in the transfer of the property.

For those who want to rent a house:
Active search for housing that meets the requirements of persons interested in renting - both in their own base, and through market research.
Consultations on the ratio of price and customer requests.
Inspections of the real estate - from the coordination of time to the maintenance of the inspection.
Preparation of a lease and negotiations on rental conditions (Czech, English, Russian).
Collecting the necessary documents for your confidence in the process.
Participation in the transfer of the property.

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