Your property can bring you more! You will receive income 100% higher for short-term leases than for long-term leases, and we will help you with the management and maintenance of the contract.
Short-term rental housing in a resort town is a profitable investment. Many events held in Karlovy Vary will provide you with a stream of tourists who will generate income almost all year round. Your bet on short-term rent sharply increases the profitability of real estate, but is fraught with risks. You should consider the tax, documentary, communal and, finally, organizational components. Yes, this process is not easy: especially if you do not live permanently in the city or own a large number of objects.
Therefore, we at Natali Reality are ready to manage the short-term rental processes.
For you we provide a full range of the following services:
Placement and promotion of information about your property (our newsletter, contact database, print and web materials, outdoor and digital advertising)
Preparation of a full package of rental documentation.
Meeting agents with potential customers (online and live).
Organization of views of your object in accordance with the time.
Preparation, conclusion and maintenance of the contract.
Object management, technical condition tracking.
Control of the financial side of the contract (including tax issues).

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